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Nashville is full of wonders; use these suggestions as your Nashville Tourist Guide and you won’t go wrong. You’ll find out that Nashville is music, of course. But it’s also so much more. Even if you’re not a country music fan, or even if your kids don’t think they are, Nashville is full of wonderful sights, sounds, and fun.

For instance, did you ever think you’d find Greek culture in Tennessee? The Parthenon can be found here, complete with some of the biggest bronze doors anywhere and a huge statue of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. It was built for an exposition and has become one of the somewhat unknown glories of Nashville. Nowhere else in the world is there a life-size replica of the building you’d have to travel to Greece to see!

Of course, Nashville is known for its music, and some of the greatest performers, country and otherwise, have recorded and performed here. To honor that history, be sure to take in the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame to see original penned lyrics, instruments, and memorabilia used by the greats.

music hall of fame and museum

You can spend several hours here, then move on to a Nash Trash Tour where you can see where some of this music originated while partying (including being able to drink if you choose) on the bus.

If you like your entertainment a bit more refined, take a dinner or lunch trip on the General Jackson Showboat where there’s a singing serving staff and a 19th-century feel. Allow 2 hours for lunch or 3 hours for dinner.

Maybe you’ve got the kids with you and you’re looking to learn something or just have some fun. There’s an Adventure Science Center where exploration is the thing and Laser Quest–one of the original laser tag centers in the country.

To beat the heat, there’s family-friendly Wave Park where you can get soaked and then have a picnic.

Another way to take in nature is to go to the free Bicentennial Mall State Park with its botanical gardens featuring state plants and its fountains for every river in Tennessee.

This is a wonderful city that combines history, nature, and entertainment. Find any of these attractions and you and your family will certainly have a good time.