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Pigeon Forge

Old South Dining

By Kathleen Walls


Mama's Farmhouse

This year begins the Sesquicentennial of the War Between the States. One of the most romanticized traditions of the Old South related to hospitality and the wonderful food. Do you want to dine like a prosperous farmer in the old South? That's easy. Just visit Mama's Farmhouse in Pigeon Forge.

The atmosphere is that of an old southern farmhouse. You will be treated to dining Scarlett would envy, even before Atlanta burned. A pleasant server - Keith was our waiter - will bring the food to you, as much as you want to eat. He started us with a lovely salad. I choose apple cider dressing and was thrilled with it. It was one of the best dressings I have ever had.

The food is hard to beat at Mama's Farmhouse

Then it's on to the main course. You get three meats. Mind you, that is all three meats; you don't have to choose one. In order to provide the best dining, the menu changes depending on what is fresh and available. When we visited, the choices were ham, fried chicken and meatloaf. The side dishes were great as well; corn pudding, green beans, mashed potatoes and the w orld's best biscuits with an herb butter that is might tasty.

Dessert is a similar home-style treat, banana pudding or peach cobbler, topped with vanilla ice cream. You can't get more down South than those two.

All the "mamas" welcome you

Mama's is the newest in the group of Johnson Family restaurants. Its menu and style grew from the cooking of the family grandmother, Martha, who served the best and most welcoming dishes and kept a neat kitchen.

The atmosphere matches the food. The restaurant is built to resemble an old-fashioned barn. One neat touch is all the ? Mama's? pictures from different eras. The clothing is different; the hairstyles are different; but they all share one trait, they make you feel welcome to their kitchen.

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